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The Enterprise Chatbot Platform

Empowering enterprise teams to create, manage and scale engaging chatbots and embrace Conversational AI

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L'Oreal EBM chatbot case study
NHS EBM chatbot case study
Tesco EBM chatbot case study
BI EBM chatbot case study
Versus Arthritis EBM chatbot case study
ICAEW EBM chatbot case study
NSPCC EBM chatbot case study
Royal Mail EBM chatbot case study
BSR EBM chatbot case study
KHP EBM chatbot case study
Rentokil Initial EBM chatbot case study
Chatbots for customer service

Chatbots for customer service

Use chatbots to help guide the customer journey and drive sales.

Rentokil Initial boosted their customer's experience and sales with Bessie, a 24/7 chatbot capable of handling queries, quotes and customer service requests.

Chatbots for healthcare

Chatbots for healthcare

Use chatbots to provide a simpler, friendlier, and more cost-effective healthcare ecosystem.

Global Pharmaceutical Boehringer Ingelheim build their chatbot programme on EBM to scale user engagement.

Chatbots for employees

Chatbots for colleagues

Use chatbots to supports your colleagues and boost efficiency.

Tesco created Tess, a 24-7 chatbot, supporting colleagues with learning and development, policies and systems.

Chatbots for charities

Chatbots for charities

Use chatbots to help more beneficiaries, engage more volunteers and boost donations.

Versus Arthritis created AVA, a digital assistant providing personalised support and advice to people with arthritis.

Chatbots for the NHS

Chatbots for the NHS

Health Education England has experienced an increase in enquiries and needed a solution that would provide easily accessible, accurate responses to a host of common questions, while helping to free up its staff to deal with more unusual or complex concerns.

HEE used EBM to deploy multiple chatbots to help support over 160,000 healthcare staff with their training and recruitment requirements.

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Engaging and automated communication at scale

EBM gives you the tools and operating model required to effectively manage, monitor, scale and continuously improve your chatbot programs to get the best business results.

Using the latest Machine Learning algorithms in an NLP-agnostic Conversational AI platform, EBM streamlines processes and enables you to maintain complete control of your data and IP.

Manage the full chatbot life cycle

  • Visual conversation builder
  • Create, test and manage content
  • Monitor, analyse and improve
  • Define handovers to humans or other chatbots
  • Controlled deployments
Chatbot Flow Management
EBM Chatbot User Management

Work collaboratively

  • Empower teams to collaborate on creating and improving chatbots
  • Permissions and Roles
  • Version control

Gain insights with advanced analytics

  • Pinpoint and track high impact content areas to drive business objectives and user satisfaction
  • Supervised learning of misunderstood responses
  • User feedback and surveys
Chatbot Analytics Dashboard

Integrate with ease

Omni-channel: Your chatbots can go wherever your customers are. Our API-first approach enables seamless integrations with your back end platforms to control your end-to-end customer chatbot journey.

Chatbot Widget Builder

Create your own chatbot widgets

  • Create, manage and deploy your own chatbot widgets all from within EBM and without touching any code
  • Choose variety from a verity of options to create a unique experience that matches your brand and looks great on any device
  • Copy and paste your chatbot widget snippet into your websites and apps and deploy your changes with a click of a button.

Best in class Conversational AI

EBM is designed and built to integrate with the best in class Conversational AI providers:
  • Google Dialogflow
  • Microsoft LUIS
  • IBM Watson
  • RASA
EBM Chatbot Deployment

Enterprise ready

  • Maintain ownership of IP and data, and control what data is sent to the cloud or third-party NLPs
  • Secure PCI/PII masking ensures that sensitive data remains protected
  • Comply with e-discovery and IS policies through full server and application logging

Our services

We support you with consultancy, implementation and staff training around every aspect of conversational interface development and ongoing maintenance once your chatbots have been implemented.
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We assist and guide our clients on how to incorporate chatbots as part of an overall digital strategy.


We scope and validate concepts before full delivery - from journey mapping, technical feasibility, content analysis, channel strategy and user testing.


We help you to use EBM to it's full potential and take control of your conversational AI platforms

Ongoing support

We work with you to build a support model that helps you make the most of our platform



Financial services

Provide tools and services to solve banking needs.
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Increase efficiency across the insurance value chain.
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Provide a simpler, friendlier, and more cost-effective healthcare ecosystem.
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Help guide the customer journey and drive sales.
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Create a smoother and more rewarding travel experience.
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Increase the effectiveness of campaigns by driving audience engagement
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Help more beneficiaries, engage more volunteers and boost donations.
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Employee experience

Support employees in their daily activities and boost efficiency.
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