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Transforming Customer Service For HSBC

HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations and one of the industry’s most valuable brands.

HSBC US were looking to increase operational efficiency and help customers get swift and effective answers to their queries. HSBC engaged Filament.ai to develop AiDA (automated immediate digital assistant), which now provides the first layer of Customer Service on the HSBC US website.

AiDA integrates with Dialogflow from Google for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and with LiveEngage to ensure a consistent user experience for HSBC customers. Filament.ai has empowered AiDA to seamlessly transfer a conversation to a live agent when necessary.

AiDA went live at the beginning of June 2018 and is on a path of continuous improvement, with ongoing monitoring and re-training daily and a number of new flows and intents planned for the near future. All improvement activity is based on recommendations as a result of real customer interactions.

As well as the core bot development, Filament.ai supplied HSBC with our Enterprise Bot Management (EBM) portal. This portal contains enhanced analytics and deployment capabilities, empowering HSBC to analyse AiDA’s performance and make continuous improvements in-house.





Multi-Venue Chatbots For Deltic Nightclubs

Our solution powers 60 conversational agents from one core codebase. Deployed on Facebook Messenger and integrating with Deltic Group’s APIs, the bots provide a unique experience for each of the venues, answering FAQs and up-selling tickets to nightclub events.

Each venue has control over their conversational agent’s content through the Filament Bot Management Portal, allowing the tone of voice and information to be customised.

The custom integration with Deltic’s social media monitoring platform permits smooth human agent handover to the relevant venue’s social media team. Once the team have successfully handled an enquiry, the bot can be reactivated for the user by the click of a button. The functionality to easily switch the bot on or off at an individual user level enables the team to proactively reach out to users over Messenger without having the bot respond unnecessarily.

Facebook Messenger benefits from having very high engagement compared with other marketing channels, this drives an ongoing relationship with each individual customer, using push notifications to inform of future events, driving sales and pulling post-event feedback. We made use of Facebook Messenger webviews to enable users to book tickets for upcoming events directly through the Messenger channel, instead of being redirected to a website, creating a ‘one-channel’ user experience.




Inbound Facebook messages per year at all hours

Migrating ICAEW’s suite of chatbots to EBM

ICAEW wanted a chatbot management platform that would give them the autonomy and tools they needed to be able to take their chatbot pilot to a production ready suite of chatbots, all managed by their in house teams.

We helped migrate their chatbot from their outdated infrastructure, made up of several different frameworks and admin areas, to Filament’s enterprise bot management tool (EBM)

Outcome: After migrating ICAEW’s bots to EBM, ICAEW have already built 5 new chatbots using EBM, each covering a specialist subject matter.
The ICAEW team have been given far more autonomy and control over their chatbots. On their old bot infrastructure, they needed to request deployments via a third party whereas now they can build, train and deploy their chatbots easily. This has meant they can create and deploy a new bot in a matter of hours compared to a period of weeks previously.

Filament are continuing to work closely with ICAEW to expand the functionality of their chatbots and together we will look to leverage the latest conversational technologies via EBM.



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