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Chatbot Consultancy Services

We offer a range of chatbot consultancy services from strategy and conversation design to building and maintaining best-in-class digital assistant solutions.

Enabling organisations to fully integrate chatbots into their overall digital strategy

At EBM, we love to help our clients learn more about new technologies so they can, in turn, help their businesses change and grow. Conversational AI skills are not always readily available and sometimes companies just don’t have the time or resources to learn about AI and chatbot technology.

Developing your first AI chatbot

If it’s your first time exploring conversational AI technologies, we can work with your team to help you design and build a robust chatbot solution ensuring users get the answers to their questions and keep customer satisfaction high. We can also advise on the best AI tools and frameworks that help you make the most of the chatbot technology.

EBM has a huge range of features that make building and managing your chatbot really straightforward, saving time and resources.

Reviewing your current AI chatbot

If you’re already using chatbots in your business, you may find that they aren’t performing to your expectations. Common chatbot problems include complex or obstructive conversational flows, too many misunderstood messages, or simply a very low engagement rate.

A chatbot’s performance relies on many factors, and as part of our consultancy services, our team of conversational AI experts will conduct a thorough audit of your chatbot. We will provide recommendations and improvements and highlight areas for attention and improvement and how best to execute these.

Maintaining your existing chatbot

Just like other digital tools, a chatbot is never finished. In fact, with the correct maintenance, it can continue to learn and improve over time. From day 1, your chatbot is gathering data about your users and/or customers.

We provide you with the tools and advice on how to train and maintain your AI chatbot on a regular basis. We advise our clients on how to futureproof their chatbot by ensuring it is using the latest and best conversational AI technologies.

Analytics, reporting, and insights

Like any digital touchpoint, reporting on your chatbot is a vital component of improving your chatbot’s performance. We’ll help you define your KPIs and goals so that you can report to your stakeholders and ultimately provide the best possible service to your users.

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