Empower teams to collaborate more effectively when creating and improving their chatbots

The easiest way to build your chatbot content

The fastest and most efficient way to create you chatbots the way that you want to and without coding

Engage your audience with great content

Empower your team to create engaging content that brings conversations to life, grabs attention and showcases your services.

Respond quickly to your users

Provide your audience with up-to-date information quickly and efficiently.

Tell your story the way you want to

Make use of a range of media, such as images, text and videos to bring your message to life.

Chatbot workspaces


Dedicated workspaces make it easy for teams to work together to build and manage their own chatbots and content.

Team work

Easily invite members of your team to your workspace and collaborate on creating the best chatbots.

Use EBM’s role-based permissions to ensure the right users have access to perform the right actions.

Chatbot team collaboration

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Chatbot deployment process


EBM provides flexibility and independence when it comes to deploying a chatbot. Easily create production, development and test instances, and deploy to a different NLP provider at the click of a button.

Users can also test in isolation, ensuring that what you’ve deployed to your test instance will be exactly what is deployed into production.

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Client Delivery Lead

Josie Jordan

Client Delivery Manager

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We support you with consultancy, implementation, training and ongoing maintenance on every aspect of conversational ai

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