Financial services

Use chatbots to provide tools and services to solve banking needs

Digital assistants / chatbots are transforming digital banking


of chatbot banking interactions are managed through mobile banking apps.


million hours are anticipated to be saved with the use of chatbot interactions.


of customers already use chatbots to resolve their banking problems.

Streamline your banking operations with EBM digital assistants

Customer-friendly support

Whether it’s a simple balance check or a more complex problem that needs solving, EBM can be used to create digital assistants that provide a speedy answer to customer enquiries – any time and on a channel that suits them.

By using the latest techniques and gathering unique information about the user, your digital assistants can go beyond a simple automated response to deliver the right answer and find the most efficient resolution.

Personalised offers

Use conversational AI and learn to understand customers as individuals, to help them find the most appropriate financial products and services – or predict new ones that are likely to appeal.

EBM can be used to create digital assistants that provide speedy and personalised identification of their existing accounts or investments.

24/7 fraud detection

In an era of increasingly sophisticated scams, hacks and cyber-crime, conversational AI can be used to help recognise potential fraud and illegal activity.

When it identifies a suspicious transaction, it notifies the customer and offers guidance on how to put things right or avoid future risks.

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