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Transforming customer service for HSBC.

HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations and one of the industry’s most valuable brands.

HSBC US were looking to increase operational efficiency and help customers get swift and effective answers to their queries.


HSBC engaged with us to develop AiDA (automated immediate digital assistant), which now provides the first layer of Customer Service on the HSBC US website.

Using EBM, AiDA integrates with Dialogflow from Google for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and with LiveEngage to ensure a consistent user experience for HSBC customers. EBM has empowered AiDA to seamlessly transfer a conversation to a live agent when necessary.

AiDA went live at the beginning of June 2018 and is on a path of continuous improvement, with ongoing monitoring and re-training daily and a number of new flows and intents planned for the near future. All improvement activity is based on recommendations as a result of real customer interactions.

  • 90% cost reduction for calls handled by the bot
  • Saved customers 12 minutes per chat, cut handling time by 50%
  • Achieves CSAT comparable with human counterparts

Built on the success story of AiDA Phase 1, we are helping HSBC scale their conversational banking across 4 Business units. EBM enables them to continuously improve and progressively scale AiDA with a view on expanding existing functionality with further use cases (e.g. authenticate users and access their CRM or account details).

“We are excited about the early success that we’ve had with our chatbot, AiDA – We’ve given time back to customers by cutting average handle time in half and reducing the need to wait in queue to receive an answer. A big thank you for making this possible.”
David Gonzalez, Digital Product Manager