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The easiest way to build your chatbot content

The fastest and most efficient way to create you chatbots the way that you want to and without coding

Engage your audience with great content

Empower your team to create engaging content that brings conversations to life, grabs attention and showcases your services.

Respond quickly to your users

Provide your audience with up-to-date information quickly and efficiently.

Tell your story the way you want to

Make use of a range of media, such as images, text and videos to bring your message to life.

EBM chatbot content management

Integrate and enrich your NLP

EBM integrates with the world’s best-in-class natural language processing providers: Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson Assistant, Microsoft LUIS and RASA.


EBM integrates seamlessly with key messaging and voice channels so your customers can interact with your chatbot whenever, wherever and however they prefer.

Chatbot chat integrations

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Back-end integrations

EBM’s standardised integration framework is simple to operate, facilitating smooth connections between your chatbots and your systems.

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Client Delivery Lead

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Client Delivery Manager

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We support you with consultancy, implementation, training and ongoing maintenance on every aspect of conversational ai

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