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Use chatbots to drive audience engagement around your campaign

Use chatbots to drive audience engagement around your campaign

How EBM can benefit Media

Personalised content

EBM can be used to deliver the content that matters to individuals based on personal interests and previous history – all tailored to locality and language. Whether it’s news stories, think pieces or live events, EBM can deliver more engaging content to give you a competitive edge.

Increased engagement

Monitor customer satisfaction and increase advertising click-through rates by using EBM to collect feedback, understand users and dynamically improve their experience. Analytics collected across all channels can be used to increase the effectiveness of content and marketing.

Targeted promotions

Understanding the audience is key to reaching them with attractive offers, whether it’s related merchandise or tickets for events that will appeal. EBM can be used to provide individuals with helpful, personalised messaging across social media, websites and other online channels based on their interests and declared preferences.

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