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Use chatbots to help guide the customer journey and drive sales

Use chatbots to help guide the customer journey and drive sales​

How EBM can benefit Retail

Digital sales assistance

EBM’s conversational AI capabilities can be used to enhance the retail experience at multiple levels. Virtual assistants can learn individual customer preferences to provide an enhanced online shopping experience, or suggest a convenient physical store.

They can also drive traffic with tailor-made and real-time push notifications, personalised suggestions, special offers, seasonal promotions and discounts.

Smoother transactions

Using natural language in the purchase process can help ease customer frustrations and reduce the number of abandoned shopping baskets. A virtual assistant created with EBM will smooth the check-out process and provide an efficient, friendly contact point for customers to monitor the status of their purchases and track shipments.

Simplified shipment and reduced returns

EBM can be used to streamline the whole back office and fulfilment operation. Automate guarantee registration and repair and recall information based on customers’ purchase history, while incorporating conversational AI into the reverse logistics cycle to resolve problems and reduce the number of returned orders.

Retail case studies