Fast track your response to the COVID-19 with chatbot automation. See how we can help.


We support our clients with consultancy, implementation and training around every aspect of conversational development and ongoing maintenance once a chatbot has been deployed.

We empower you to make the most of our conversational AI technology.

Chatbot consultancy


We use our expertise to ensure that clients are able to fully integrate chatbots into an overall digital strategy. Our business analysts identify the instances where the customer experience can be automated most effectively and conduct workshops to define the ideal implementation approach.

During the design and development stages, we train the chatbot and test its natural-language abilities in multiple conversations across all channels.


Our implementation team will help you design the most effective conversational applications based on EBM. Our service covers customisation based on your requirements, deployment and roll out. We will also help you to integrate third-party applications with the EBM solution.
Chatbot implementation
Chatbot training


We provide in-house classes combined with self-directed online training designed to help you benefit fully from your EBM implementation.

We include courses in identifying opportunities for chatbot use, development, conversational design and research. These are supplemented by technical training on chatbot development, lifecycle management, data harvesting and more.


As part of our support services, we strive to resolve all queries quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively using our highly skilled support team. They will identify your problem and determine the most effective solution.
Chatbot support