Use chatbots to create a smoother and more rewarding travel experience

Digital assistants / chatbots are benefiting the travel industry


of people of all ages prefer to use chatbots when shopping online.


of users say chatbots have changed their expectations of customer service for good.


of agents who use chatbots are free to spend their time solving more difficult and complex problems.

Streamline your travel experience with EBM digital assistants

Speedy bookings

Communicating with a virtual travel agent via natural language helps customers plan and book their journey or accommodation quickly and efficiently.

By learning individual travellers’ preferences, EBM can also streamline the ticketing and check-in processes, guide the customer through airports, stations and destinations, provide helpful information about nearby facilities, and assist with any special needs.a

Round-the-clock support

When travellers need help, a virtual agent built with EBM cuts out the waiting time and deals with problems quickly and efficiently 24/7. Because it fully understands your customers’ plans and anticipates their concerns, your virtual travel assistant can provide friendly, proactive support and updates in case of delays or logistical changes – without waiting until things go wrong.

Personalised travel offers

Using EBM enables you to build a relationship with your customers across your communication channels. Over time, this can be developed to deliver attractive offers, appealing promotions and personalised discounts based on individual preferences and previous positive experiences.

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