Better serve your audience with engaging, automated conversations that make an impact

Effectively engage your audience and reach your business goals

The fastest and most efficient way to create engaging digital assistants, embrace conversational AI and increase ROI.


Provide a 24/7 Service

Create chatbots that can provide your audience with the information they need whenever they need it.

Understand your audience

Create chatbots that can provide valuable audience insights, capturing data on the information they want to know and the actions they want to perform.

Respond quicker

Create chatbots that can provide your audience with up-to-date and accurate information quickly and efficiently.

Free up staff time

Create automated chatbots that answer frequently asked questions, freeing your staff up to focus on more rewarding and business-critical tasks.

Improve customer engagement

Create chatbots can make it easy and convenient for customers to access their data that translates into higher customer engagement and retention.

Create new channels

Create chatbots that enable you to distribute information to the digital channels that are now preferred by consumers.

Connect your tools

Create chatbots that seamlessly connect with your existing systems.

Learn and develop

Create chatbots that can be trained to provide increasingly targeted responses as more users interact with them over time by embedding custom Machine Learning models.


Content management

We’ve taken years of experience in bot building and encapsulated it into a simple and efficient way of creating conversation flows.

Work collaboratively

Manage multiple teams working collaboratively on chatbots across your organisation.

Advanced analytics

Pinpoint high impact content areas to retrain and drive business objectives / metrics.


Test and measure the effectiveness of the chatbot content updates before deployment at scale


Control over the end-to-end customer chatbot journey

Intuitive UX

Intuitive guided workflow for chatbot and content updates

Efficiency and speed

Reduce employee time to manually training the bot

Enterprise connect

Ownership and control of customer data / IP and compliance with internal governance and processes.

Our people

EBM is built and supported by a passionate team of conversational AI specialists to help you get the most out of this technology.

We work for our customers

Jack O'Connell

Client Delivery Lead

Amrit Chau-Singh

Client Delivery Manager

Our people make the difference

We support you with consultancy, implementation, training and ongoing maintenance on every aspect of conversational ai

Ready to kickstart your chatbot journey?

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